Story Time
Puppets provide a visual and oral experience for all children. What a great way for the children to participate while learning.
Under The Big Top 4th of July Carnival
Hooray, the Fourth of July is here. It's a time for the children to honor the courage and faith of our founding fathers. It's time to paint the playground RED, WHITE, and BLUE, and just have fun.
Preschool Christmas Program Practice
Christmas songs, Christmas carols and plays specifically designed for children and preschoolers. All parents’ invites and a special guess Santa!
La Union Maze fall field trip.
MMMMM known for the best roasted corn, Wagon Ride to pumpkin patch. And pig races.
Passenger Vans
Transportation is primarily designed for the transport of students from daycare to school and school to daycare and scheduled field trips.
Snack Time
CCLC participates in the USDA Food Program for Child Care Centers. Breakfast, hot lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon snacks are provided for children at least one year old.
Fire safety Week
Some children are curious about fire. There are simple steps you can take to keep you and the people you love safer from fire and burns.
Special Characters help us make the learning experience more enjoyable!
Children enjoying Christmas time at Children's Choice Learning Center
Who says learning can't be fun?
Cinco De Mayo
Children Enjoying Cinco De Mayo

Our VISION At Children's Choice Learning Center is to provide a top quality, safe and fun environment. We provide full learning opportunities for our children while  meeting their social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical needs while building the foundation for the development of the TOTAL CHILD! 

Texas Rising Star

Children's Choice Learning Center is a four star center!

All center based and home based child care providers in Texas can apply to participate in TRS if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Programs that participate in TRS meet higher quality standards than many other child care programs.


Children's Choice is now enrolling children 0 to 5 yrs old.  Print and bring in our flyer and get Free Enrollment With Flyer.

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We Have Infant Room, Toddler Room, Two's Class Room, Three's Class Room, Fours and Fives Class Room, and After School Room Fall/ Summer Sched.


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Professional Staff
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